Youth of China
in the New Era

(April 2022)

I. The New Era: Great Times with Ample Opportunities

Great times make fine young people and flourishing ages nurture true talent. The Chinese nation has achieved a tremendous transformation from obtaining independence and becoming prosperous to growing in strength, and the current new era bestows prosperity and hope. China's rejuvenation has become an unstoppable process.

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II. All-Round Development in the New Era

Hard work builds ability, and adversity builds resilience. In the new era, China's youth actively study the theory and practice of science and other knowledge and skills, improving their physical and moral qualities and their all-round ability. They are growing into a new generation that is capable of shouldering the responsibility of national rejuvenation.

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III. Shouldering Heavy Tasks and Responsibilities

The new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a grand stage on which young people can enjoy bright prospects and accomplish great things. In the new era, China's youth are striving to support high-quality economic growth, participate in the development of socialist democratic politics, create a flourishing socialist culture, promote socialist moral and ethical progress, and build a beautiful China.

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IV. Having a Global Vision and a Strong Sense of Responsibility

The younger generation is the future of a country and the hope of the world. China's youth in the new era care about their family and country, and share that concern for the rest of humanity. They uphold the beliefs advocated by Chinese culture that all peoples are one family and the world is a commonwealth. They actively draw inspiration from the experience and achievements of other countries and civilizations.

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